Elizabeth (smiley_cow) wrote,

Art Dump

Just some things from the past couple months:

I decided it was time to update my twitter avatar. I should make a livejournal icon with it too maybe.

I've been rewatching Sailor Moon lately. Have you ever noticed that all their clothes are really cute? There's a blue dress she has I'd like to try and draw her in too one of these days.

It's really hard to write legibly on a tablet!

I've also been making an effort to draw more from reference. All of these were drawn with photo references:

Ai Weiwei is a Chinese artist, who helped design the Beijing Olympic stadium among other things. He's a pretty interesting guy who's in some trouble at the moment with the Chinese government.

Apple study, about half an hour on Gimp.

Banana study, about an hour on Gimp

Rose study, about 3 hours on Gimp

Tree frog study, about 9 hours on Gimp.

Tags: art

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